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Had a one day seminar on open solaris.It was conducted in our college by two professionals from the SUN microsystems.They were Ananth Shrinivas and Pradhap Devarajan.It was a really great session.We got BeleniX live CD if we asked a question.So it went really well.

It started with a brief history of Sun and Solaris wuth the mentions of greats like Bill Joy by Mr.Ananth Shrinivas. Then we were introduced to the opensolaris OS.We really looked the very feel of it. I was unable to believe it was the very same GNOME that ran on my Debian that was on that projector screen. The SUN people have really improved it a lot. Then they gave the various salient features of the opensolaris OS.

I was really impressed. Then there was a lunch break.After that we assembled again for a more technical session.The crowd was less as expected. Then an intro to Dtrace was provided by them. Ananth and Pradhap showed us a few startlling Dtrace stuff.A few pre-written Dtrace scripts were also shown.Should learnhow to use Dtrace . Waiting to get my hands dirty with it.

Then we had a even more interesting session on ZFS. An unbelievably great file system. 128 bit stuff without the cumbersome i-nodes stuff. must be really cool :).

Hope to learn all these soon. And before that , a installation session is a must.

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