Jillunu oru cyber

Atlast cyber ’06 is over. It was a memorable day.. 19/9/2006 will be remembered in the history of the Dept. of CSE of TCE for ever. CYBER ’06 was a runaway success. It had the maximum ever turnout. And we had excelent feedbacks. And what makes it even more great is that, all the arrangements and organising works were done in just a span of one month.

All the contests were conducted in an excellent manner. Mallu did a great job with .NET by creating interfaces for all the prelims. We had unexpected number of participants for all the events. C- Debugging had the maximum registration with 120 participants

All the contest were conducted in a great manner by the co-ordinators.In the morning, KS was over flowing with delegates…. Our cyber had attracted the maximum number of contestants. So we are really proud of this cyber…. As a few of my friends said it was “Jillunu oru cyber”

But, the day before was really tough.I had not got fit after the tiresome work for FStival ’06 and the CYBER ’06 preparation started in full swing. The secon years made a great deal of contribution towards cyber by putting in all their efforts. Hats off to them.
Finally, CYBER ’06 was the culmination of the efforts of the third year students with the help from the second yrs. It had been a great success because of the contribution it had from all the students… hope future CYBERs are still better.

Software Freedom Day – FStival ‘06 @ TCE

Software Ffreedom Day was celebrated throught the world on 16/9/2006 this year.Thiagarajar college of engg also celebrated it as usual under the tag FStival 06. The chief guest was Mr. Kenneth Gonsalves, associate NRC, AU-KBC. He spoke on the topic “FOSS makes professional programmers”

After that there were many demo stalls conducted. In these stalls, various tools available under GNU/Linux were explained and people were taught how to use them. The demo stall include emacs, LaTeX, Gtk/Glade(Balachandran), CMS (Ravi and Venkatapathy), Databases, Lamp (alagammai) , Multimedia, graphics and animation etc. There was also a separate on-stage installation session(Krithika and Geetha priya) were Debian installation was eplained in great detail. That was followed by an on-stage explanation of XGL (Xtreme Graphics Library) by Karthikeyan and Sai Krishna. There were two propaganda stalls for GNU/Linux of which one explained GNU/Linux in industries (Vinodh) and the other the philosophy etc (Ashok).

The stalls were maintained by bth the second yrs and the third yrs.The height of the function was that it was the most successful FStival ever. We had a huge audience, K.S overflowing. We were very happy to have a few alumnis like Mr.Joe Steeve, Mr.S.Arun Ponniah, Mr.Senthil kumaran and Ms.Sri Ranjani.

On the whole the event was a great success. The support we had from the staff, seniors and above all the alumnis was really excellent and motivated us a lot. We had a good crowd this time and what’s more interesting is that most of them were eager to learn and use FOSS based stuff. GNU/Linux installation (Debian sarge) would have helped many. Hope we make still more and well planned arrangements next time and make it better.