Diwali– Festival of what ?

Had a grand diwal… it was a lot of fun and enjoyment with lots of freinds, neighbours and relatives coming and we going their for sharing sweets and fun…. But as the day progressed, I got one serious doubt….usually, diwali is called a festival of lights…. but does that really hold now? Do we celebrate it like that any more???This year I found Diwali, more noisier than ever before… 🙁
The govt. is repeatedly announcing that crackers producing high noise levels have been banned.. But to the contrary, I find that such crackers are on the rise…. And with so many factors already contributing to the noise levels, should we add more to it ? And then about the smoke and pollution…. I still feel the smell of sulphur and other stuff in my nostrils, a day after diwali …. Even though all forms of media are repeatedly showing the present poor state of the atmosphere and the seriousness of global warming…. people pay no heed to it….. Do we really need such noise and pollution to celebrate diwali….

Hope people realise that each cracker they burst and each firework that they enjoy takes our mother earth one step closer to its destruction, and it may soon go out of our hands to rescue earth…. So freinds, please be reasonable and celebrate diwali happily without destructing our beautiful earth….. Enjoy diwali as a festival of light and not as a festival of sound and pollution…. I am not asking anybody to give up crackers altogher or all of a sudden, but please do so gradually…. and save mother  earth….

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