A day with Mr.J P Gandhi….

Today we had a full day semnar/ pre-placement training from the renowned columnist of THE HINDU, Mr.Jayaprakash Gandhi. He spoke on various topics related to placements, tackling the interview, way to prepare, the way to dress etc.

Most of us felt the sessions were relly intersting and enlighteneing. He also gave a few sample questions typical to a few companies. He made a presetations on various aspects like powerful words that could be used to describe oneself, some important questions in the interview…

He also suggested ways to make the interviewer ask questions only from the areas in which we are strong. The suggestion include making a list of the topics in which we had handled seminars, etc…

On the whole the day was really enjoyable, inormative, and well spent….

Results published….

At last the results to the fifth semester exams have been published. I ahve managed to clear all subjects yet again. But there was a huge dip in the performance… from 8.86 in the fourth sem to 8.43 in fifth… But i feel really contended beacuse i felt I may fail to clear a couple of subjects…. Compiler Design was the one that I feared the most, but managed to get a B grade in it!!! 🙂 But i was a bit disappointed with my marks in Advanced Computer Architecture which i had done really well.

This semester has really taught me a leson…. to study properly and be more careful…. To be frank, I didn do anything properly in my fifht sem… I did my internals badly, didnt submit any assignment on time…. and brought many such disgraces pon myself…. And atlast it resulted in me performing badly in the semester exams…. With God’s grace i hope that I will correct myself atleast this sem and do well…..

Waiting for results….

It is now a week since my theory exams were over. If everything goes well ther esults will be out for my fifth semester in another 5 to 7 days. Having done a couple of exams very badly, it is really difficult to keep my cool. The tension is really killing me from the inside.

This time around the exams were a real nightmare. As expected, I did really bad in Compiler Design. I have been performing badly in that subject throughout this semester and the same holds good for the semester too. The question paper was not so tough that we could not perfprm well. It was our own carelessness that we lost marks in the semester.

Another tough paper was Network performance and quality of service…. The paper was a fifty-fifyt problematic and theoritical one… But the compulsary was very unexpected and most of us were caught unawares…. But still I managed to answer atleast a part of it…. hope to get atleast 70%…..

The next shock was DBMS lab…. Usually I finish labs very soon and return within an hour…. but this is the first time I took the full three hours in a programming lab… I ahd a question in java connectivity for deeloping online polling application…. Though the program compiled, we could not ru it because of driver problems… we were asked to write the coding and submit….

There again, call it my forgetfulness or carelessness, Ididnt draw the E.R. diagram and submitted the paper…. It would cost me dearly I fear….

But for these above mentioned craps, the exams were good. I was at my best in the networks lab… Got a really easy program(echo and talk implementation) and finished it in an hour including the viva… So…. with all these at the back of my mind, I am eagerly awaiting the publication of results….. May God blessme with some good results this time too, as always…..

My Tryst with Gtk/Glade

Hello folks, After nearly 2 months I decided to do something using glade, atleast to play aroud with it, and in doing so i did something useful– developed a small simple-very simple- wrapper for wget. To be frank, I am very new to Gtk/Glade. I started learning the basics a couple of months back and left it as such.

So, today, when after some struggles, I created my first proper Gtk/Glade application, I was really happy. I decided to work more on it now. To say more on my application, it is just a very, very small wrapper for wget. Actully it is not even complete.What it does is that, it has a text entry field where we need to give the complete url and press the button provided there.It downloads the corresponding file to the users home directory.

But, I hope that I will continue working on that and develop it into a full fledged wrapper for wget. Another important benefit of this tryst with Gtk/Glade is that I have for the first time understood invoking system calls from C. So

Back to blogging….

So folks, I am back to blogging after about 2 weeks. Had my 5th semester exams from 22/10/2006 to 8/11/2006. Still having labs… But it is really hard to be away from blogging for a long time…

Meanwhile, I had a very bad semester this time… Afraid that I may fail in a couple of subjects…. Compiler Design was a real nightmare… Networks was a bit tough too…

Now must prepare for the labs… But will be blogging frequently if not daily…