Waiting for results….

It is now a week since my theory exams were over. If everything goes well ther esults will be out for my fifth semester in another 5 to 7 days. Having done a couple of exams very badly, it is really difficult to keep my cool. The tension is really killing me from the inside.

This time around the exams were a real nightmare. As expected, I did really bad in Compiler Design. I have been performing badly in that subject throughout this semester and the same holds good for the semester too. The question paper was not so tough that we could not perfprm well. It was our own carelessness that we lost marks in the semester.

Another tough paper was Network performance and quality of service…. The paper was a fifty-fifyt problematic and theoritical one… But the compulsary was very unexpected and most of us were caught unawares…. But still I managed to answer atleast a part of it…. hope to get atleast 70%…..

The next shock was DBMS lab…. Usually I finish labs very soon and return within an hour…. but this is the first time I took the full three hours in a programming lab… I ahd a question in java connectivity for deeloping online polling application…. Though the program compiled, we could not ru it because of driver problems… we were asked to write the coding and submit….

There again, call it my forgetfulness or carelessness, Ididnt draw the E.R. diagram and submitted the paper…. It would cost me dearly I fear….

But for these above mentioned craps, the exams were good. I was at my best in the networks lab… Got a really easy program(echo and talk implementation) and finished it in an hour including the viva… So…. with all these at the back of my mind, I am eagerly awaiting the publication of results….. May God blessme with some good results this time too, as always…..

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