Is the cold war back?

       Now that most part of the world would have heard the news of the cold-blooded murder of  Alexander Litvinenko, a former lieutenant-colonel with Russia’s FSB Security Services and a strong, long time critic of Vladimir Putin regeime, we have a grave question to be answered…. Is the cold war back? We have reasons to believe so…. We now see Russia and Britain trading charges against each other on one side and the famous scotland yard’s statement that it was definitely a murder on the other side……

With the truth yet to come out, one thing is for sure– the murder had been a well planned one. The use of higly toxic, radioactive and fatal polonium-210 proves that. The people behind this nasty event had wanted that he should be dead at all costs….. But why?

It is generally known that in Putin’s regeime, all those who have opposed him have been silenced soon. And that Alexander Litvinenko was a long time critic is well known. This adds to the suspicions on Russia’s side. And the fact that Litvinenko met two of his former friends from FSB on the day he was poisoned makes it more serious…..Let us wait and see the results to find out the inhuman people behind this unprecedented murder…….

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