A GRUB problem

Hello folks, This time I am with a GRUB problem. Yes, it is true that I have installed Debian GNU/Linux in quite a lot of systems, but never got any GRUB error of the sort that I had yesterday. For the first time I saw the GRUB blurting out

GRUB Loading :Error 18 ….

I have seen other errors like GRUB error 17 or 16…. This never….

What exactly happened was this…. I was installing Debian Sarge in one of the systems. Evrything went well as ususal and the base system got installed. The system ejected the CD ROM as usual and rebooted….. Only for myself to see the abopve mentioned error… Googling gave told me that it was something related with the BIOS. And that we need to alter the partitioning as it was to big to handle… Luckly for me, Mr.Joe Steeve ( a GNU/Linux geek) was available online… I contacted him through IM and he gave the reply in an instant….That the LBA option in the BIOS must be set to enabled….. Then we rebooted the system, entered in to the BIOS setup and changed the state to AUTO from disabled….. and reboted the system and …. there it was… the GRUB displayed all the OSes available without throwing any errors…

And more on LBA…. LBA stands for Logical Boot Addressing. It is a simple type of addressing in which blocks are located by using an index where for the first block LBA=0, for the second LBA=1 and so on… This is advantageous as it provides a layer of abstraction to the software of the operating system unlike the earlier schemes which exposed it. LBA was initially used in SCSI disks…. but now it is used in all major storage devices and colpmex storage structures like SAN etc.

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