A talk with the seniors…..

Yesterday was a really memorable day for me as I had the chance to meet and talk with Mr.Ananth Shrinivas, an alumni of my college and a UNIX programmer. He is presently employed by the SUN microsystems. Mr.Ananth Shrinivas is considerd to be a geek by the students and most of us have never talked with him as friends (not even as juniors). The only time we had a contact with him before this was when he came to the college for the OpenSolaris Day. along with the Belenix legend,Mr. Pradhap Devarajan.

But, yesterday, it was a better story altogether. I had the chance to talk with him in the lab after he finished his presentation for the participants of the FOSS-2007. He was very friendly with us. And there was a 15 minute delay in the auditorium before he could start the presentation. Then, myself and a few friends were having a small talk with him. He was really a great geek who was well versed in UNIX environment. His knowledge about the subject that he handled was immense. He gave a detailed view of how a executable looked like on the disk. On the way back from the auditorium to his home, we all walked with him chatting about various topics like the interests of students, the lack of practical knowledge and the lack in the interest in using OS like GNU/Linux. It was a really great experience.

Likewise, we all had the opportunity to meet Mr.SenthilKumaran today. We were meeting after about 6 months. While at college, he finished his final year when we were second years. But, we had been with him on so many occasions like the launch of the new TCENet, GLUGOT meetings, TCENet development and above all, FStival 05. Infact, i learnt my fisrt GNU/Linux commands from Senthil.

Another great senior whom I had the opportunity to meet was Mr. Joe Steeve. He is one person whom everyone admires a lot. He has helped us a lot through his participation in GLUGOT, TCENet, and other such FOSS activities. Infact we owe him a lot, as we are now in the line of FOSS only becasue of his motivation. I was really glad to have attended his session on Monday, about FOSS.

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