A simple c shell…

Hello folks, It was a great fealing for me. The first piece of coding for the YAOS project is done, though it was a utility tool. To put it straight, I wrote a crappy, nasty piece of code for a simple shell and it worked 🙂 . I named it the shell and am now using it. The coding part of it was very very simple. The entire shell was written in just 60 lines of C. It can do all that a simple sh shell can do, except the autocomplete feature.

As for now there are problems in catching and handling interrupts. Hitting a C-c doesnot make anything happen…. But I am working on it now and will implement that soon. But otherwise it has all the features of a perfect GNU shell. I also tested it by making it as the default shell for one of the user accounts in my system…. and it went well….

The problem I face is that I am not good at signal programming and am not sure how to handle the various signals that are possible… like it must logout when C-d is used and so on. Also I dont have the faintest idea of how to imlpement the auto-complete for my shell….. hope i soon learn it…… I would be really happy if I could get help from people who have a good knowledge and experience in this field……..

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