Exploring opensolaris.

Hello folks, I am continuing my ramblings on opensolaris. I continued exploring it the whole day and at last found and fixed a few things. The foremost being identifying how to configure my ethernet card opensolaris. I got it through people on the IRC and through mailing lists. The commnads are similar to that on a Debian GNU/Linux box but not exactly the same. The command for configuring the ethernet card in opensolaris is

#ifconfig rtls0 plumb

as compared to ifconfig eth0 up in debian GNU/Linux. Doing this automatically got the IP and now I am able to browse from my opensolaris. The opensoalris has a browser from the mozilla project called the Deer Park. But I could not find any notable difference from the firefox that I use on GNU/Linux. But the Deer Park browser crashes too often. Hope the opensolaris community and the mozilla project people correct it soon.

The other great thing that I came accross, again with the help of Ananth anna and a few people on the IRC was the location of the GNU tools. Initially I had thought that there was no gcc in opensolaris. But now, after the help from those poeple, I cam to know that there is a entire collection of GNU tools in opensolaris. It is located at /usr/sfw/bin and can be accessed by adding the above location to the user’s path variable. So I was able to use both gcc and the GNU make, called the gmake on opensolaris. But, I am still having trouble using vi editor.

And I have not yet learnt the system well even now. I still dont know where to edit the users profile and where to mount the partitions etc. Hope I will get used to the opensolaris commands soon. And one area that I have been spending time on is Dtrace. It is really a cool tool from the opensolaris people. I am learning it now and I do hope that I will learn it well soon.

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