Microsoft Vista — A noose around M$ neck

        Hello folks, some news about M$. The release of the new Microsoft operanting system, called the Windows Vista made headlines almost throughout the world. People around the globe hailed it as the operating system of the next generation. When even a few friends told me that it was indeed great and that it was unbeatable, I finaly thought that M$ had learnt its leason and has indeed designed a great OS. So, when one of my friends invited me to a vista demo, i went with him.

But…. I was totally disappointed, or rather saw the same old stuff again. The only difference was that it had a what they call “a stunning interface” . To me it was nothing but good for nothing eye candy stuff. And the M$ people are tightening the self-designed noose around their neck. The vista edition requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM. This is too much for many people. Again Vista, released in six diferent editions, is very costly as more features are added. But the important info to be noted is that, all applications that a decent computer needs does not come with the basic edition. So it wants it users to buy more sophisticated editions and is thereby trying to improve its revenue. Since Vista cannot be pirated(thats what I heard) nobody is going ot buy that stupidly designed operating system.

Another foolishness worth mentioing in the starter pack of vista is that, no more than three applications can be launched simultaneously. So I think that the fools at M$ have forgotten that multiprocessing is more important than the eye candy stuff. Another important claim by the MS people is the release of IE7. They boast so mush about tabbed browsing and thumbnail preview. All these have been considered as basic necessity and not as added features  in browsers like firefox and opera since their first release.

With all these foolishness and less-than- useful products, Microsof will soon meet its end, with a self-designed noose called Vista.

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