Netbeans 5.5 — a simply great IDE

        Hello folks, time for some SUN stuff again. This time it is netbeans. And I’m all the more happy because I have got it installed in my GNU/Linux unlike the Looking Glass or JXTA that was done in windows. I am generally of the concept that all sorts of IDEs must be done away with. It is because, they usually make you a slave of them. Once you get used to programming with a IDE, it becaomes so difficult for you to program using the same language without the IDE. Inspite of having got accustomed to some IDEs for sometime now over the years, i have got an great aversion for them. But whe I started using Netbeans, i realised how important IDEs are for a language like Java.

Those who have used Java atleast for sometime will know how cruel java programming could be. The syntax is not simple and you ned to write over 20  line of code including all those import statements for a simple addition of 2 numbers that the user gives as input. And if you have to do that using a GUI, you can be sure of coding atleast 50-60 lines. And you often dont know what all objects, components and stuff you have. So, an IDE like Netbeans comes in handy here. It is much better than Eclipse or WSAD. That apart, there are special add-ons that allows you to integrate Netbeans with languages like C/C++. Also it is possible to integrate it with the latest projects of SUN like Java-3D.

The Netbeans IDE is very simple to learn and use. It has got lots of views and panes and I am still learning the use and purpose of those.(Actually, I am just 2 days into using Netbeans-5.5). Creation of GUI is very simple and needs just pick and place activity  from the user as far as the design is concerned. The programmer needs to care about the business part alone.

Netbeans-5.5 allows users to create Java applications, Web applications, Enterprise products etc. It is so great that I have slightly changed my views on IDEs. I could very honestly say that any product from SUN is impressive and great to use. But, the one problem that I faced in using Netbeans is that it runs slowly and is hungry for resources or may be my good old 256 MB meets just the minimum requirements and not satisfies the recommended… But still it is far better than the WSAD which did not get installed at all.

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