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       Hello folks, a post on something that has taught me and a few others a lot. The TCENet project of this great instituition. TCENet is the intranet portal of Thiagarajar College of Engg., one of the most popular colleges in Tamilnadu. The speciality of this project is that it is being developed exclusively by the students of the college with the non- stop support from the alumnis and staff. Another important piece of information worth mentioning is that TCENet is totally FOSS based.

In TCENet, we use python, an extremely user friendly object oriented language along with Cheetah, a template engine written in python. The database used is Postgres. Initially, the TCENet project ran on proprietary platform with the Oracle database, but now it runs on a Debian GNU/Linux server. It all began with the necessity of a intranet portal felt by the students and staffs alike and so a few students of the Dept. of Copmuter Science started doing working on it. Started as a simple intranet portal, TCENet now provides a whole lot of services to the students and staff.

The TCENet is being developed within the walls of PP lab or the UNIX lab, where a group of students, comprising of second, third and final years, sit back after college hours and work for a few hours. But, the most important thing to be noted is that, it is not just development of the site that takes place, but huge amounts knowledge transfer. But for the people here, I would have never knoe the spirit of FOSS, the power of GNU/Linux or opensolaris. I would have never used python and above all, never would have got an opportunity to work on servers that are comparable with those in the industry and work 24×7.

A services provided by the TCENet team are listed here:

  • A Centralised  Authentication System (single sign-on) using kerberos, LDAP and Samba for the entire college.
  • The TCENet, college intranet portal, developed using python+postgres.
  • The TCEMail, our own mail service, using Exim and Cyrus with SquirrelMail.
  • An alumni portal for the use
  • The TAMS, an attendence monitorin and leave management system for staff.

The various services provided by the TCENet web portal includes attendence monitoring for students and daily students’ attendence updating for staff, e-circulars, an issue tracking system, submitting feedbacks on lectureres by the students and so on.

These apart, the people here have done a lot of work in the field of operating systems. A few OS/kernels developed by the people who were a part of the PP lab include AAOSK, GoaTee/ProX, Quark etc. GoaTee/ProX is being developed still with the addition of a lot more features.

Also a few people worth mentioning are Gerald Naveen, Joe Steeve, Ananth Shrinivas, Arun Ponniah, Balamurugan, Senthil Kumaran, Praveen, Senthil Kumaran, Subramani, Sriram and others.

A Few screenshots:




5 thoughts on “TCENet – Our intranet portal”

  1. I am extremely happy that this project which was conceived and initiated by me (vikram) and a couple of my friends R.Srinivasan, VC.Raja Raja Hariharan has achieved national recognition. We worked hard for 2 years and released the first implementation in the year 2000. Sadly we are not even given credits and recognized. If anybody wants the history of TCENET, contact the unsung founders ( But we request who claim to be the masterminds to have some heart and trust me they are not the roots. Facts cannot be misrepresented.

    I am happy the juniors whom we entrusted have redesigned and modified the system tremendously. Kudos to you all.

    Best wishes,

    TCENET Founders

    V.C.Raja Raja Hariharan

    BE(CSE) 1997-2001

  2. Hello,
    I am really happy to have got the contact of the real founder of TCENet. Indeed we are all grateful to you for it was within the walls of this lab that we had learnt a lot, from our seniors and alumni. WIll be happy to stay in touch with you.

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