FSF Releases “Last Call” Draft of GPLv3

        Hello folks, some grand news for FOSS enthusiasts. The Free Software Foundation will publish the version 3 of the famous GPL shortly. As per the FSF site, it is to be released tomorrow, June 29th 2007. This, would be a landmark even in the history of software. Companies like Microsoft that had been cheating lots of people on patents and Royaolties will face setbacks. Continue reading “FSF Releases “Last Call” Draft of GPLv3″

TCENet wins Most innovative IT implementation award

TCENet, our college’s intranet portal with nearly 2 dozen modules has won the PCQuest magazine’s most innovative IT implementation award for the year 2007. The TCENet project, actually an ERP called the TCEERP, was nominated for the award in May 2007. There were about 250 nominations in all and TCENet has bet them all to get this coveted award.

The success of the TCENet is mainly because of the great encouragement and support given to us by our principal Dr. V. Abhai Kumar and the support of our staff incharge Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie. The project has been able to reach these great heights only because of the 24×7 support from our alumni. One point that needs mention is that TCENet is designed developed and maintained solely by the students of the college, with the guidance of some alumni. The project began as a simple portal almost 8 yrs back and now it is full fledged ERP software for engg colleges. The project began as a 2 tier implememtation using JSP and Oracle. Now, this has been reimplented with a lot of changes and a whole new set of features as a 3-tier application and is fully FOSS based. TCENet now uses Python for its business logic, Cheetah for its presentation logic and Postgres database.

The TCENet project has automated various processes like student admission, staff attendence monitoring using a biometric system, student attendence, sessional marks for students, and various utility services like issue tracking system, software forum etc. As a part of the TCENet project, college also provides and maintains email accounts for all students and staff under the domain tce.edu. The mailbox size is 20 MB, which is more than sufficient for handling all college related mail.

A lot of people have benn constantly helping for the succes of TCENet, the most important among them being our own alumnis who were a part of the project in their college days.  Special thanks to Mr. Joe Steeve, Mr. Ananth Shrinivas, Mr.Senthil Kumaran and all other alumni who were a part of the TCENet project and helped it grow.

Please visit the site here

The site for the project development is here


Hello folks, placement stuff this time. After 2 weeks of hectic training, the placements started with TCS getting the first slot as usual. They came on May 21, Monday. We had the aptitude test(AT) on 21st. A few had the AT on 22nd as well. More than 500 students cleared the AT and appeared for the interview. This time arround, there was only one interview, Tech and HR combined.

I attened the interview in the afternoon of 22nd. Though I was too nervous initially, I got normal well before I entered the Interview chamber. The interviewers were very friendly and made sure that I was relaxed and only then proceeded with the interview. A few questions that were asked to me:

* What was the opinion of the other students who had taklen the interview?

* Self-introduction.

* Questions on Linux.

* Program to swap without temp variables.

* The above questions using call by reference.

* Implememtation of Heap sort.

* Sorting a given set of numbers using quick sort ( Quick sort could not be applied, actually)

* What is normalisation?

* What are normal forms?

* Do you want to ask any questions?

Luckily I answered many of these properly and ofcourse didnt answer a few. The interview process went for 2 days- that is on 22nd and 23rd. The results were announced at about 7:30 pm on 23rd. 355 students were selected and I was one among them. But the moment was laced with sadness and dejection as well as a few close freinds didn’t make it. Abilash, Bala, Gopi, Mallu, Venami  and others from my dept. My room mate Naveen also missed TCS.

Then, on 25th May, CTS came for the placements. The AT was reportedly tough and only 180 odd people managed to get through. Finally, at the end of the day, results were announced. Again it was a scene of both joy and sorrow. Arun Prasaath, Vins, Mallu and Venami made it. NAveen got it too. But still friends like Bala and Gopi were left. The count for CTS was 66. From then on the count went decresing gradually. Gopi went in to Infy , which took 49 students from 57 who cleared AT. Then it was Caritor which took 38 students and many of my mechanical friends got into it. On june 1st, iNautix visited the campus. Abilash got into it. But the count in it was les than expected- 21 in all and 4 from our dept.

True that there are lot more companies to come. I sincerely pray to the almighty that He should provide the mental strength to those of the remaining to cope with the stress and pressure, if any, and must help them get into one of the companies.

Finally, Congrats to all those who have got placed and my best wishes to others….