TCENet wins Most innovative IT implementation award

TCENet, our college’s intranet portal with nearly 2 dozen modules has won the PCQuest magazine’s most innovative IT implementation award for the year 2007. The TCENet project, actually an ERP called the TCEERP, was nominated for the award in May 2007. There were about 250 nominations in all and TCENet has bet them all to get this coveted award.

The success of the TCENet is mainly because of the great encouragement and support given to us by our principal Dr. V. Abhai Kumar and the support of our staff incharge Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie. The project has been able to reach these great heights only because of the 24×7 support from our alumni. One point that needs mention is that TCENet is designed developed and maintained solely by the students of the college, with the guidance of some alumni. The project began as a simple portal almost 8 yrs back and now it is full fledged ERP software for engg colleges. The project began as a 2 tier implememtation using JSP and Oracle. Now, this has been reimplented with a lot of changes and a whole new set of features as a 3-tier application and is fully FOSS based. TCENet now uses Python for its business logic, Cheetah for its presentation logic and Postgres database.

The TCENet project has automated various processes like student admission, staff attendence monitoring using a biometric system, student attendence, sessional marks for students, and various utility services like issue tracking system, software forum etc. As a part of the TCENet project, college also provides and maintains email accounts for all students and staff under the domain The mailbox size is 20 MB, which is more than sufficient for handling all college related mail.

A lot of people have benn constantly helping for the succes of TCENet, the most important among them being our own alumnis who were a part of the project in their college days.  Special thanks to Mr. Joe Steeve, Mr. Ananth Shrinivas, Mr.Senthil Kumaran and all other alumni who were a part of the TCENet project and helped it grow.

Please visit the site here

The site for the project development is here

7 thoughts on “TCENet wins Most innovative IT implementation award”

  1. Hi Balachandran,
    Nice to hear that. I would like you to mention the roots of the TCENet. Mr A.Gerald Naveen, Mr Saravana Shiva, Mr.Senthil Kumar, Mr Ganesh who were the root cause of the project.

    Additional mentions should be given to Mr Balamurugan, Mr Arun Ponniah, Mr Venkatesh, Mr Subramani for rejuventaing them

    Mr Balamurugan – designed E-Circular and was part of TCE Mail and other designs which i forgot

    Mr Arun Ponniah – E-Quiz ( I dont see it now)

    Mr Venkatesh – Message Board

    Mr Subramani – Attendance.

    Mr ManiBalan – Alumni

    I – Placement…

    But the real people who full fledged the development was the Four people mentioned in the beginning , without whom TCE Net would not have been there.

  2. Immense noteworthy must be given to these people

    Mr A.Gerald Naveen, Mr Saravana Shiva, Mr.Senthil Kumar, Mr Ganesh, Mr Senthil

    Who designed the core architecture . Its been four years since i have met them and i would like to recollect something i remembered about them

    Gerald Naveen,
    He was a real prof, Db Connection pooling, Band Width Management, core architect of TCENet much more…sorry thats all i know.

    Saravana Shiva,
    The GUI guy. He was the flash guy and designed the home pages of TCENet, Placement in ASP and was a design mastermind

    Senthil Kumar and Ganesh

    They were the master mind of Attendance and the architecture

    Mr Senthil,
    Alumni creator and much more. i forgot

    Please mention these people when you mention TCENet

  3. Thanks a lot. Since I joined the college only after all these people graduated out, I am really sorry that I didnt know about them. I promise to make a separate post about the history of TCENet with info about all its archtects, after collecting it from friends and seniors like you.Thanks 🙂

  4. I am extremely happy that this project which was conceived and initiated by me (vikram) and a couple of my friends R.Srinivasan, VC.Raja Raja Hariharan has achieved national recognition. We worked hard for 2 years and released the first implementation in the year 2000. Sadly we are not even given credits and recognized. If anybody wants the history of TCENET, contact the unsung founders ( But we request who claim to be the masterminds to have some heart and trust me they are not the roots. Facts cannot be misrepresented.

    I am happy the juniors whom we entrusted have redesigned and modified the system tremendously. Kudos to you all.

    Best wishes,

    TCENET Founders

    V.C.Raja Raja Hariharan

    BE(CSE) 1997-2001

  5. Vikram cool down. No one stole the credits from you. KNKarthik mentioned what all he knew about his seniors, but missed out one generation prior to what he mentioned. It is not his fault.

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