Mr.Angelo Rajadurai on ZFS and DTrace

Hello folks, some tech stuff again. This time from Solaris community. Mr. Angelo Rajadurai, Alumni TCE, and presently an employee at SUN Microsystems, Santa Clara, USA, visited the TCE campus on 29th and 30th July. He had the alumni meet on 29th and 30th, He dedicated it to the college and student community. He has been with the Sun Microsystems for the past 14 years and has a very rich experience in solaris tools. So he gave a beautiful talkspread accross 2 sessions on ZFS and DTrace. Continue reading “Mr.Angelo Rajadurai on ZFS and DTrace”

Back after a longtime

    Hello folks, I think this is the second time in as many months that I am making such a post. It is almost a month since I made my previous post. Much did happen in the month that passed by. First, starting with myself,I will recite the events.

The teams and area for the final year project was decided. Myself, Sai and Venkatapathy will be doing the project together as team. We have been put under Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie, prof, Dept of. CSE. We will be working on FOSS based Operating System Design. Most probably, my final year project would be goaTee development.

Then, a few incidents of importance in the college. HP visited the campus on 6th of July and we were really happy when they selected 13 students from our college. Of that, 7 were from CSE. I did not attend the company.

Then, the placement still sontinues. ThoughtWorks visited the campus last weekend, 28th adn 2th of July. This too, I didnot attend as I went home. I hope that I will attend Spikesource atleast, though I seriously doubt if I could get through