Mr.Angelo Rajadurai on ZFS and DTrace

Hello folks, some tech stuff again. This time from Solaris community. Mr. Angelo Rajadurai, Alumni TCE, and presently an employee at SUN Microsystems, Santa Clara, USA, visited the TCE campus on 29th and 30th July. He had the alumni meet on 29th and 30th, He dedicated it to the college and student community. He has been with the Sun Microsystems for the past 14 years and has a very rich experience in solaris tools. So he gave a beautiful talkspread accross 2 sessions on ZFS and DTrace.

So, he started off with an introduntion to what is solaris and what is opensolaris. He spoke of the importance and necessity of opensource and Open source business models. Then he spoke about the greatness of ZFS and DTrace. First to start with ZFS.

ZFS stands for Zetta-Byte File System, and is one of the millions of innovations from SUN. ZFS is considered to be the best file system in the world and Mr. Angelo calls it the last word in file system. ZFS is advantageous over all other file systems in many many ways. It does not have partition and uses pooled storage. This allows the addition/removal of hard disks on the fly. Also, pooled storage allows to use a disk as a single disk. Mr. Rajadurai then made a small demo using commands like zpool and and other propertites. We learnt the create command and set command.

Then we had a short break for tea and the we resumed. In the first session, just before the tea interval, we had a very small demo on DTrace. The in the second session, He asked interested students to stay back . It was a really sensational session. We learnt how DTracing is done. And I was able to get the reply for the questions on ” : ” and all that. We learnt that there are providers, then modules then functions and then the name. We learnt how to Dtrace a yet-to-be created process. The script was

#dtrace -n pid$target:libc::entry ‘{printf(@[execname]=count());}’ -c “vi”;

Then, most importantly, we learnt about the projects that could be taken up by us related to SUN. We were suggested to do code like creating a GUI for ZFS , porting etc. Thanks a lot sir, for all that you gave us today. Than you.
Hope that we will have regular sessions on such trechnologies from now on.

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