Yahoo! campus recruitment — completely out-witted

       Hello folks, some bad news from placements. The top 25 from CSE, the top 15 from ECE and the top 20 from IT departmenst went to the Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT) to attend offcampus Yahoo! placements. The pre-placement talk was good and then we had the AT. The AT spelt doom for all 60 from TCE. UNIX questions were truly difficult and most of my friends didn’t even try those questions. The greatest disappoinment to all of us was that inspite of neing the top 60 students of the college, not even one cleared the Aptitude test and went to the second round. Continue reading “Yahoo! campus recruitment — completely out-witted”

Microsoft behaves cheaply yet again

       Hello folks. People who have already read this blog a few times would know that I often make posts against microsoft. For those who do not agree that M$ is bad, here is another example. It was announced on Wednesday in our college that Students can attend the off-campus placement program for Microsoft at PSG the next day. Initailly, many students were happy. But soon after came the eligibility for attending the placement program. This are the conditions

  • Must be a certified .NET programmer with expertise in the technology.
  • Must have expertise in all Microsoft technologies.
  • Must have a CGPA* of atleast 8.

CGPA is a grade point based evaluation system and setting a minimum of 8 is agreeable. But the other 2 conditions are absurd and they clearly show how cheaply M$ behaves. It is well known that most of their technologies s***. And yet in an desparate attempt to propagate them, microsoft has adopted this new technology. This is equivalent to saying, to work in IBM, you must be a master of their UNIX or like to work at Ford, you must have owned and driven a ford.

I was really wondering if Microsoft will ever have a sane guy in their folds who would tell them that their reign has ended and that to survive any more, they must turn to open source.

TCE powered by a SAN, NAS and itanium machines — #1

A great unforgettable weekend pased by. From Friday morning to Monday evening, we had a beautiful, tech-packed weekend. As per the schedule, Joe and Sen came to the college on Friday for a 4 day visit. The first day had 2 sessions on FOSS to inspire the juniors at TCE. Then, for the remaining three days, it was all in the server rooms of TCE, upgrading, configuring and giving life to the servers.

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