TecUthsav @ TCE

       Thiagarajar College of Engineerin, Madurai is organising TecUthsav, its national level inter-departmental technical symposium. TecUthsav 2008 is the maiden attempt in this direction and it is hoped that it would be a grand success. This inaugural episode focuses on “Technological Entrepreneurship”, in order to inspire young engineering minds to take up entrepreneurship.

The grand carnival will begin on February, the 13th and proceed till 17th February. The events will be from 14th onwards. This mega inter-department inter-disciplinary symposium has a rich collection of events ranging from core engineering fields to hi-tech software field to Engineering sciences. There are quite a few management contests as well. So as guaranteed, this promised, this event will be a techno-management event focusing on  entrepreneurship skills.

Moreover, the proposed software contests are really of the best breed. OLPC and the “Lord of the Ring” events are the most promising. Hope there are really good quality stuff in the offing over the next 2-3 weeks.

Sun acquires MySQL

Hello folks, some hot news from opensource world. Just got the news from Slashdot that Sun Microsystems has acquired MySQL, the famed FOSS GPLed database. And to confirm it, visited the MySQL website and a few blogs at blogs.sun.com . So, to the best of my knowledge this is the biggest acquisition in the open source world. MySQL is the world’s fastest growing database being used by everyone from the Internet giants Google and Yahoo. The acquisition is valued at $1 billion totally. Though, Sun + MySQL will be a greater force than MySQL alone – Sun’s great engineers will support the development-, I have a few questions that come to my mind:

1) Will MySQL continue to be licensed under GPL or will it be CDDL

2) Will there be any “non-open source” sun contributed parts added to its code base.

Linux Mint – The distro for those moving from windows

       Hi folks, Got something interesting this time. Bought this month’s Linux For You a bit late. Anyway, now that i have bought it, saw the media that came with it this time. One was a CD with software related to electronics etc. The other was a Live CD, based on Ubuntu. It was named Linux mint. I am not sure if I had been ignorant or if it was a relatively new distro, I had never heard that name. As it was a live CD, I was eager to try it out.

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The ‘Gentlemen’s game’

       Hello folks, it is quite a time this blog had a post on cricket. But now, when the entire cricketing world talks about it,i felt that this blog too should. The recent India vs Australia is most controversial test in my recent memory. It had all that a true cricket fan would be ashamed of. Poor umpiring decisions, racial abuses and all that. And as the Indian skipper Kumble rightly pointed out, only one team played the game in its true spirit. This test has made us analyse the entire game itself.

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