Linux Mint – The distro for those moving from windows

       Hi folks, Got something interesting this time. Bought this month’s Linux For You a bit late. Anyway, now that i have bought it, saw the media that came with it this time. One was a CD with software related to electronics etc. The other was a Live CD, based on Ubuntu. It was named Linux mint. I am not sure if I had been ignorant or if it was a relatively new distro, I had never heard that name. As it was a live CD, I was eager to try it out.

       When I booted with it, I could very easily tell that it was Ubuntu based. The boot menu and all that looked exactly like those is Feisty fawn. It was only when it booted that I realised the differences. The Mint banner itself was attractively designed and then the big thing was the menu. The applications menu, usually found at the top in the gnome desktops was at the bottom where exactly the start menu of windows will be. Also, the various applications were listed the same way it would be listed in a windows machine. Though I am not a fan of windows (In fact, I hate that foolish OS), I am sure that anyone who is just moving from windows will definitely love the look and feel of it. It has all the desktop effects that ubuntu ships with these days. The application switcher is also quite attractive.

So the next time when I find moving from windows to GNU/Linux, I think I would recommend them Linux Mint, before they get on to something like th big Debian or Fedora.

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  1. i also went through this month issue .. article on password wallet was interesting ( was not able to understand the script).. but didnt get mint cd 🙁

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