My first BOSUG meet

Hello folks, I attended my first BOSUG meet last Saturday(13th June, 2009) at the Sun office(Divyashree chambers).  Though the turnout was less, it was really a nice meeting and learnt quite a bit. And of course had the chance to attend the session of Max Bruning and had a chat with Moinak.

Went to the meeting a bit late, because I had trouble identifying the building. Then took Sriram’s help and reached Sun’s office, just in time to attend Max’s presentation. At least, I was not too late. Max gave a talk on wrting a module for wacom tablets and told how they need to be treated differently from mouse. Well, to put it simply, in a mouse, you need to move the mouse pointer on the screen for delta x and delta y. But in a pen tablet, it is always absolute.(I understand my simplification is misleading though). He spoke about streams and the issues in integrating the module into the solaris OS. And I didn’t really understand the part on streams very much, the effect of attneding a meet without any background on the topics. The good thing about his presentation was that he put most things in a nice manner that could be understood easily, if we know some basics about the topic and he didn’t make it look very technical.

Then Sriram spoke on his experiences from CommunityOne that he had participated. He gave a brief update on the various events and incidents at the conference. Learnt that Belenix had a good following in South Ameraican nations. Also learnt a lot of other things for the first time during the various conversations that took place during his talk.

Then Moinak gave updates on the current status of KDE 4.2.4 integration in Belenix. His talk was really in a casual manner and really liked it. Also learnt a lot of things during his talk.

And above all, they provided nice snacks in between 🙂 (No, please don’t tell I went only for that 🙂 )

In general, the meeting was really informal in its approach and though it was my first meet, the people were really nice to me. Had a chat with Moinak, Anil, Shriram and others after the meeting as well. Hmm, time well spent 🙂

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