A few more books

I was on a weekend trip to my cousins’ place and got the chance to browse thru’ a few nice books. The two books that attracted my attention were M.S. Vazhvae Sangeetham, by Veeyesvee and Discover your Destiny with the Monk who sold his Ferrari,  by Robin Sharma, a leadership and management guru.

The first one, M.S ,Vazhvae sangeetham(translates to M.S:a life of music) by Veeyesvee was one of the best biographies on the legendary (I would say divine) carnatic musician of all times M.S. Subbulakshmi. Part of the famed music trinity (the other two are D.K. Pattammal and M.L. Vasanthakumari) of the 60’s and 70’s, M.S became the first musician to receive the Bharath Rathna, in 1999( I am not sure about this, may be 1998). She was also the first women to make a concert in the U.N. Likewise, she had performed uncountable “firsts” throughout her career which spanned over 60 years. The book goes on to tell how the great voice of M.S made everyone spellbound. I really loved the statement ” Even a hardcore athiest will turn into a believer on listening to M.S sing kurai ondrum illai, famous song composed by Rajaji. Indeed that is one of the numerous songs that still echoes in thousands of houses across the globe. Her Suprabhatham and Vishnu sahasramnamam are part of the music collection in almost every household. She is certainly my favourite musician.

The other book , Discover you Destiny is a management and leadership related book by Robin Sharma. In the present world, where people place money above everything else, this is a must have book. It very clearly shows the reality where we people go about doing our job mechanically for the sake of money, without taking time off to extract joy from small day to day activities.

I think I will definitely get the entire series by Robin Sharma, for the book really impressed me. But the former book was raely great and closer to my heart.

Two beautiful books

Hello folks, over the past few days, i had cut down the time i spent before the computer and spent more time on books. And that lead me to two beautiful books, one by the great Stephen Hawking and the other by a not-so-popular scientist named Brian Greene. The former was titled “Theory Of everything” (TOE) for short. The other was “The Elegant Universe”.
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Who moved my cheese?

        Hello folks.Something about books this time. For a long time i had been waiting to lay hands on a copy of the book who moved my cheese? A best seller short story which tells you a few basic things in life that most of us tend to forget. It is a really great book which deals with changes in life. I remember a  oft-quoted saying, “The only thing that exiss always is change” or some thing that means the same. And in the present day, highly competitive business world, change happens even before you could realise the previous change.

The book starts with a high school reunion of a group of friends. Then one starts the meet with a story which he tells had brought him a good turn. The story is about a pair of mice named sniff and scurry and a pair of dwarfish men named Hem and Haw. It speaks of how change takes place in thier lives and how they handle it. The main thing that atracted me in the book is the many quotes in that book. It starts with saying learn to laugh at yourself to saying “When you are afraid, do what you would have done if you had not been afraid”.

This small 45 odd page book is worth a read for every person. Hope everybody gets a copy of it. It will be definetley helpful at all times.

Ignited minds– a must for every Indian

Finally, I could lay my hands on a copy of Ignited Minds by president Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. It is a must for every indian.It shows not only how patriotic our president is, but also gives lots of examples substantiating the great indian’s statement “dream, dream, dream. Dreams change into thoughts and thoughts result in action”.

It gives good descriptions about our glorious past and the great people who made India a proud nation  around the world. The chapter on teachers and… shows how important teachers and mentors to the students. It goes to explain how a teachers thought and preaching can make great leaders from young children.

The book also gives lots of instances where we had shown our technical expertise. Much descriptions have been made about our first satellite launch- SLV-3 carrying the satellite Rohini. He also talks about the great sages anf saints of various religions who have made the country a great land.

Finally he gives is wake up call to the children of the nation, to act now and to do proud to the nation. HE firmly believes that the future of India could be bright only if the proper seeds are sown in the minds of the young children right from a tender age.