India and the game of cricket

Ever since India won its maiden cricket world cup in 1983, cricket has been the mode widely viewed sport in most part of the country. Not just viewed, but viewed with passion and played at all levels – from street corners to internationals. There are cricket mad fans who can’t eat or sleep without having a feel of their cricket bats/balls at least once a day. And in this context, the abysmal defeat of the Indian team in England against England marks a new low in the history of the game in the country.

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What a match!!!!!!

         Hello folks, It was the greatest test match I have followed in recent times. What a thrill it was. Not even a 100 Twenty20s can equal the thril of this first test betwwen India and England at the great MAC, Cheapuk, Chennai. 

       It was thrilling right from day one and it should be said that India pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat. Or Englad lost very badly from a great advantage that they had at the close of ay 4 and the beginning of the first session of day 5.

      Thanks to the start by Shewag and Gambhir and the firm partnership between Sachin and Yuvraj, that was unbeaten till the end, India now has the fourth highest successful 4th innings run chase, worth 387 runs.

      Hope this develops an interest in test matches among the Twenty20 loving poeple.

Time to have Cricket in Olympics

Hello folks, now that the IPL fever is over and its time again to look at out test and ODI capabilities, a thought crossed my mind, as it would have crossed many others’. Cricket has never been in olympics because of the time consumed by the matches (even ODIs) were prohibitive. But over the past couple of years, formats like Twenty20 and Honk hong Sixes have become popular and they consume less than half of what an ODI consumes.  So, I think it is the right time that ICC takes up the initiative to have talks with IOC and try to include cricket in the world most popular sports championships- the Olympics.

Rajasthan Royals win inaugural IPL

Hello folks, back with some cricket news. The Rajasthan Royals have won the inaugural DLF-IPL Twenty20 tournament. The games with over 50 matches were played over 40 days from 18th April, 2008 to 1st June 2008. With, both the semifinals being low scoring uninteresting games, there was a lot of expectation from the final at the Patel stadium, Mumbai. And the Chennai Super kings and Rajasthan Royals gave that. The game went to the wire with RR winning the game in the last ball. Yusuf Pathan was the hero of the game, turning the tide towards RR’s side. Tanvir hit the winning shot.

The ‘Gentlemen’s game’

       Hello folks, it is quite a time this blog had a post on cricket. But now, when the entire cricketing world talks about it,i felt that this blog too should. The recent India vs Australia is most controversial test in my recent memory. It had all that a true cricket fan would be ashamed of. Poor umpiring decisions, racial abuses and all that. And as the Indian skipper Kumble rightly pointed out, only one team played the game in its true spirit. This test has made us analyse the entire game itself.

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India surrenders meekly.

        17/3/2007, Trinidad – The Indian cricket team, dubbed as a team with tonnes of experience surrendered meekly to Bangladesh in their group match on Saturday at the Queen’s Park oval, considered to be hunting ground for Indians. After a very dismal batting show in the morning, the team proved to be none the better in bowling and fielding too. The only decent scores in the Indian side were that of Sourav Ganguly and Yuvraj Singh who hit 66 and 47 respectively. That apart, there was not even one who had scored more than 20 runs. And yet we boast of having 3 players with more that 275 matches and the very same three players with over 10000 runs each. They lose to a team whose eleven players put together do not have the experience of Sachin and Saurav together. Again, the total aggregate runs of the eleven men of Bangladesh do not amount to the total aggregate of the above 2 men.

A team with such mighty men as Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly scores just 191 runs against Bangladesh, a team which was considered to be one of the minnows. Shewag got out in manner as though he has never played cricket before that moment. And Ganguly though scored 66 was as slow as playing a test innings, as he took 129 deliveries for those runs. And when it came to bowling, the line and length of the bowlers were hapazard and the fielding was worse than that. If India has anything in its mind regarding the world cu, it must not be winning the world cup, but advancing to the next stage of the tourament. Hope the people realize it before it is too late.

A tribute to Bob Woolmer

KINGSTON, Jamaica: Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer died in hospital on Sunday soon after he was found unconscious in his hotel room.Woolmer, 58, died within an hour of being rushed to University Hospital in Jamaica.Link

It is really sad that I start my first post in this category with an obituary. And this obituary is to no ordinary person. The early morning news left me stunned. Bob woolmer, former England cricketer, the much loved ex-coach of South Africa and the current Pakistan coach has passed away. It has never been easy for anybody to be the coach of either India or Pakistan, two countries where cricket is a religion, an invisible wand that unites each and every soul. A loss in a ordinary ODI was unacceptable in Pakistan and a back to back world cup league match defeat is something that is unimaginable.

With these issues in mind, Bob woolmer has left the world making us sit still and imagine what he had in his mind in his last moments. Bob woolmer is to be rememberd for a lot of things in cricket. He was the first person to make use of the latest technologies in coachin. The first person to make use of computers in coaching, Woolmer, in his small, beautiful laptop, he had huge databases of player performences and when had shut down his laptop on saturday when the irish captain hit the winnin runs with a six, the lap has been shutdown forever. It was the last time we ever saw him. He has reached an abode where he will no more be tormented by the maillion fans, never been accused of complacency and will be free from all such worldly pressures.

And when Pakistan walks out to take on Zimbabwe later this week, they would be doing so without this great man. To the present pakistan this must have been to much to withstand, that too piled up over their stunning defeat at the hands of Ireland.

The reasons for the death are not yet known, though rumours are out that it may be due to stress or heart attack. We have to wait ot know until the post mortem reports on the greates coach of this era comes out to for this small event-filled world to know what exactly happened to this great man.

My sincere paryers to the great God for his soul to rest in peace and his family and friends to have the strength to withstand this totally unexpected tragic news…