Terrorism under the saffron hood

“… Indian constitution allows all its citizen to practise a religion of his/her choice. And if those fools don’t know that, let them read the constitution of their land before reading and mastering their religious scriptures …”

       Hi, this might be the most bitter post that I have ever made till now. For the first time life I felt ashamed of being an Indian/Hindu. To the best of my understanding the Orissa govt. did nothing to prevent the attrocities of the terrorists under the saffron hood. This is not the first time that communal violence has marred the glory of the nation. But this is the frist time, the very basic religious ethics has been violated.

      I have been a devout and strict hindu all my life(which of course is just 21+ years now). And I admit that I don’t know much about christianity. But with my little understanding of the religion, I think nuns are roughly equivalent to the seers or “mahants” of hinduism. I now ask those ba***** raped a nun in Orissa, would they ever tolerate such treatment to their religious heads or sanyasis(I mean the true sanyasis, who still do exist unknown and unobserved by the media) ? This is just terrorism under a safrron hood. 

     No body is a sane state of mind would attack a helpless young woman, and not any woman, but a nun in a church. If these f***ing people claim that they are doing all these to protect Hinduism, they are supposed to wake up from slumber. They are bringing lots of disrepute to a great nation, a nation which in the past has earned the name, “Unity in diversity”. And they are doing a false propaganda of “forced religious conversion”. I wish to question those ignorant fools as to where the hell in their scriptures are they asked to promote violence against people of other faith.

    Just as the terrorists who bomb various places in the country are not people of islam, but people who belong to a religion called “terrorism”, these people are not fit to be hindus, but must be dumped as terrorists. They must understand that just as living in India is a right for them, so it is for those innocent christians. What ever the religion of the person might be, He comes under the law of the land, and the law of this land says that “ALL RELIGIONS ARE EQUAL” and that “NO DISCRIMINATION SHOULD BE MADE BASED ON RELIGION” (Yes, I am indeed shouting).

    I hope that those people come out of their slumber soon and understand the gravity if their own misdeeds. I hope against hope that these people mind their own religion and if they want to spread the message of their religion, let them do it among the people of its own religion, but after they understand what the message really is. 

   Indian constitution allows all its citizen to practise a religion of his/her choice. And if those fools don’t know that, let them read the constitution of their land before reading and mastering their religious scriptures. And above all, a message to people of all religion: There is no purpose/use in merely reading and learning the religious scriptures by heart. It fulfils its prupose only if you start living by them. And to the best of my knowledge, no religion promotes violence and everything calls for peace. Either you fools understand this basic truth or leave the country in the hands of its peace loving people and get the hell out of here.

People must know that this is not a anti-hindu or pro-some religion post. I am as good a hindu as any other in the world. But I know how to respect another’s religion. Atleast thats what i learnt from religious lessons that I had. People must understand that religions are a tool for reaching a higher spiritual state, which of course can be reached even without religion(I don’t know how to). They are definitely not tools to promote violence among people. For athiests who now claim that religions must be abolished, this is my answer: just like a useful tool in the hands of terrorists can become a deadly weapon, religion in the hands of mindless will result in violence. It is those fools who must be punished and not the religion.

Google App Engine

Hello folks, Now more from google. Google has released a new service called the Google App Engine. Google App Engine is a service that lets us run our web applications on goolge’s infrastructure. So, we can be free from tasks setting up and maintaining servers for our apps, i.e we will be able concentrate more on our apps than on the underlying support systems. Moreover, the app engine provides a dynamic load balancing environment, supporting nearly 5 million hits a month for an application. Initially, as it is a trial run, 500 MB of space is given (all accounts are free now) and once the full version is released, additional space can be purchased.

What is more is that, the app engine presently supports only the Python programming language. This goes on to tell how popular python is and how important it is as well. The app engine currently supports all features of python (system independent) and apart from that it supports the popular python web-framework – Django.    Since a sandbox kind of environment is given,  the environment is secure and only limited access id provided to the underlying OS. The App Engine also provides a non-relational datasotre that acts as the back end. But it comes with a powerful query engine and transaction support.

More can be known about this from the official google site http://code.google.com/appengine/

Google’s Code University

Hello folks,  Though I came to know of this very late, I thought it would be useful to post it. Google has yet again done what it, can to spread knowledge. It has a “Code University” or a place in the web, where anyone can access lecture notes, assignments and reference materials for any topic related  to computer science. These have been contribute from various universities across the globe. This apart, it has a few video tutorials as well. It seems to be really useful. All the lecture notes are in the form of presentations( ppt, unfortunately. Many university prof. still go for MS office it seems. ) The link to the site is


TecUthsav @ TCE

       Thiagarajar College of Engineerin, Madurai is organising TecUthsav, its national level inter-departmental technical symposium. TecUthsav 2008 is the maiden attempt in this direction and it is hoped that it would be a grand success. This inaugural episode focuses on “Technological Entrepreneurship”, in order to inspire young engineering minds to take up entrepreneurship.

The grand carnival will begin on February, the 13th and proceed till 17th February. The events will be from 14th onwards. This mega inter-department inter-disciplinary symposium has a rich collection of events ranging from core engineering fields to hi-tech software field to Engineering sciences. There are quite a few management contests as well. So as guaranteed, this promised, this event will be a techno-management event focusing on  entrepreneurship skills.

Moreover, the proposed software contests are really of the best breed. OLPC and the “Lord of the Ring” events are the most promising. Hope there are really good quality stuff in the offing over the next 2-3 weeks.

Back after a longtime

    Hello folks, I think this is the second time in as many months that I am making such a post. It is almost a month since I made my previous post. Much did happen in the month that passed by. First, starting with myself,I will recite the events.

The teams and area for the final year project was decided. Myself, Sai and Venkatapathy will be doing the project together as team. We have been put under Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie, prof, Dept of. CSE. We will be working on FOSS based Operating System Design. Most probably, my final year project would be goaTee development.

Then, a few incidents of importance in the college. HP visited the campus on 6th of July and we were really happy when they selected 13 students from our college. Of that, 7 were from CSE. I did not attend the company.

Then, the placement still sontinues. ThoughtWorks visited the campus last weekend, 28th adn 2th of July. This too, I didnot attend as I went home. I hope that I will attend Spikesource atleast, though I seriously doubt if I could get through

FSF Releases “Last Call” Draft of GPLv3

        Hello folks, some grand news for FOSS enthusiasts. The Free Software Foundation will publish the version 3 of the famous GPL shortly. As per the FSF site, it is to be released tomorrow, June 29th 2007. This, would be a landmark even in the history of software. Companies like Microsoft that had been cheating lots of people on patents and Royaolties will face setbacks. Continue reading “FSF Releases “Last Call” Draft of GPLv3″

TCENet wins Most innovative IT implementation award

TCENet, our college’s intranet portal with nearly 2 dozen modules has won the PCQuest magazine’s most innovative IT implementation award for the year 2007. The TCENet project, actually an ERP called the TCEERP, was nominated for the award in May 2007. There were about 250 nominations in all and TCENet has bet them all to get this coveted award.

The success of the TCENet is mainly because of the great encouragement and support given to us by our principal Dr. V. Abhai Kumar and the support of our staff incharge Dr. S. Mercy Shalinie. The project has been able to reach these great heights only because of the 24×7 support from our alumni. One point that needs mention is that TCENet is designed developed and maintained solely by the students of the college, with the guidance of some alumni. The project began as a simple portal almost 8 yrs back and now it is full fledged ERP software for engg colleges. The project began as a 2 tier implememtation using JSP and Oracle. Now, this has been reimplented with a lot of changes and a whole new set of features as a 3-tier application and is fully FOSS based. TCENet now uses Python for its business logic, Cheetah for its presentation logic and Postgres database.

The TCENet project has automated various processes like student admission, staff attendence monitoring using a biometric system, student attendence, sessional marks for students, and various utility services like issue tracking system, software forum etc. As a part of the TCENet project, college also provides and maintains email accounts for all students and staff under the domain tce.edu. The mailbox size is 20 MB, which is more than sufficient for handling all college related mail.

A lot of people have benn constantly helping for the succes of TCENet, the most important among them being our own alumnis who were a part of the project in their college days.  Special thanks to Mr. Joe Steeve, Mr. Ananth Shrinivas, Mr.Senthil Kumaran and all other alumni who were a part of the TCENet project and helped it grow.

Please visit the site here

The site for the project development is here

The way a college should be….

Disclaimer: The comments, ideas and suggestions that follow are only my plans to help my( or any) college reach higher and higher. They are not meant to criticise or make fun ofanybody/anything.

Hello folks. After some thought of what education really is and that being literate does not mean being educated. And just obtaining a B.E degree does not make one an engineer, I have decided to propose a few basic suggestions and ideas for the improvement in quality for the good of both the students and the society and everything. For that we begin by analyzing how the colleges function to day and then the syllabus and stuff and then how they must be….

For this, people should realize that they are far past the twentieth century when ignorance was a bliss. But it is not so anymore. In this competitive world where your closest friend could be your enemy when it comes to survival, we need to change or at least we should look at the issues differently. Some 20-30 years back, your were a great hero if you had a masters degree of any sort. But now even a Ph.D doesn’t earn the same respect. In the field of computers, even ten years back, if you know how to boot into a system. you were called a geek, but now, you will be called so only if you have written a couple of OS kernels and programmed considerably in assembly.

Now, a peek at the present system. What we do even in great colleges is this, learn a few lessons from the text book, write a set of assignments that involve no creativity, submit a big bunch of tutorials and then finally write up the semester exams, often most people do that by cramming the entire syllabus into their heads just the previous night. But do we really learn something? It is a question that needs an answer pretty soon, before it gets too late. Also, are we really engineers are just B.E. graduates? This is more serious although not urgent. When we sit down and answer these questions true to our conscience(if we have any, for only people without that will get in to something as this type of education), we will understand that we have not done either, very sadly.

The reason is not the college or the staff handling the subjects… it is the system that must be changed. The quality of education is very bad in most part of the country. The syllabus that has been prescribed to us is nearly as old as myself. Imagine the plight when we learn something as old as 8085 processors in microprocessors in detail for over three units and about the pentium 4 for about half a unit and nothing at all about dual core or the duo stuff. If this is the case, where in this earth will the student get to know the latest trends??? True that the student must take his/her own efforts to know that. but then what for is the syllabus framed? Perfectly true that the student must learn the history of the thing and how all that evolved.. but to learn only that without talking much what is existing presently is a crime against one self…

Now we shall see how all this can be changed. First of all, we must know that gaining knowledge is aim and not scoring great grades. Only then we will be ready to take on tougher subjects and syllabus. We must have a practical syllabus rather than a highly theoritical syllabus. Again, we must be learning the latest trends in the market and not those that had been there for over 25 yr. Say if we read something about OS, we must do so with example from good OSes like the linux or the Solaris. It is not enough if we simply learn the theory behind mutexes and semaphores.. Again, there must be some purpose in writing the assignments. Simply writing a part of the syllabus by copying it from the book is of no use. We are supposed to become engineers and not stenographers. When we learn a new technology, we must be provided a chance to apply it somewhere in the real-time. Say, if we have a paper on software engg, the student must know the latest lifecycle model and the latest trends in analysis, design and testing. The student must be allowed to take projects for each phase of the s/w development process so taht he understands everything clearly.

The use of innovative teaching methods will also help. Like, say, teaching with the assistance of sample code for a subject like system software will help the student understand better than just imagining how that part of code will work. Likewise, if we learn networks and the OSI layers, it must be taught with their implementation. I still do not know how TCP or IP is implemented in real time 🙁 (I am trying to learn that now) and not much are aware about network communication as well. Our college will become at par with other colleges like IITs and IISc only if we try to adopt (atleast some of) these changes. Hope we do so as soon as possible….

Quality of education

        Hello folks… thought of pouring out my opinion on the present day educational system in engineering colleges, atleast in Tamil Nadu. To be frank, it is really a cause for concern… The syllabus that we have, the method of teaching adopted(well, the lecturers and proffessors are fantastic…. it is the system that is faulty), and the way exams are being conducted– everything should be changed…. To put it straight, the semester exams test our memorising power rather than our knowledge 🙁 . Luckily I got into an autonomous college and so am enjoying a much better system.

I would suggest that Anna Univ ahould revamp the whole syllabus and system. The syallabus must be more realted to what is being used in the industry in real time presently than being related what was in use a few years back…. I also recommend that all subjects should be practical in nature rather than concentrating only on the theoritical part….For instance, I studied OS and networks without knowing how semaphores are implemented practically in OSes and without knowing how TCP and IP are implemented…. 🙁

So, it would be really better if there is a change in everything for the good of the students…..I belong to the Computer Science stream and so making a mention about OSes and networks. But i feel that the situation is much similar for the students of other branches as well. The best that can be done is to give the task of setting the syllabus to a group of industrial people from various great companies like Sun, Cisco, Google,  GE, GM, TVS etc for he various branches. This would be really helpful.
The other option available for the students to learn the latest trends is through forums.The habit of creating and using forums should be developed so that the students join together and discuss with each other the latest trends in the markets and the coolest features that a product has. Our college is leading by example in this aspect by having lots of forums or communities, mailing list etc. Just for example, our college has a highly active goups for GNU/Linux called the GLUGOT. We have user gourps opensolaris, .Net , operating systems and Networks as well. It is with the help of these forums that most of us learn many practical stuff related to computers. We are helped to a great extent by our alumnis who are now in high positions in various popular companies including Sun, Cisco, RedHat, Spikesource and so on.