Microsoft Vista — A noose around M$ neck

        Hello folks, some news about M$. The release of the new Microsoft operanting system, called the Windows Vista made headlines almost throughout the world. People around the globe hailed it as the operating system of the next generation. When even a few friends told me that it was indeed great and that it was unbeatable, I finaly thought that M$ had learnt its leason and has indeed designed a great OS. So, when one of my friends invited me to a vista demo, i went with him.

But…. I was totally disappointed, or rather saw the same old stuff again. The only difference was that it had a what they call “a stunning interface” . To me it was nothing but good for nothing eye candy stuff. And the M$ people are tightening the self-designed noose around their neck. The vista edition requires a minimum of 512 MB RAM. This is too much for many people. Again Vista, released in six diferent editions, is very costly as more features are added. But the important info to be noted is that, all applications that a decent computer needs does not come with the basic edition. So it wants it users to buy more sophisticated editions and is thereby trying to improve its revenue. Since Vista cannot be pirated(thats what I heard) nobody is going ot buy that stupidly designed operating system.

Another foolishness worth mentioing in the starter pack of vista is that, no more than three applications can be launched simultaneously. So I think that the fools at M$ have forgotten that multiprocessing is more important than the eye candy stuff. Another important claim by the MS people is the release of IE7. They boast so mush about tabbed browsing and thumbnail preview. All these have been considered as basic necessity and not as added features  in browsers like firefox and opera since their first release.

With all these foolishness and less-than- useful products, Microsof will soon meet its end, with a self-designed noose called Vista.

The hanging of Mr.Saddam

Hello folks, The last days of this great year end with the hanging of the former iraqi president Mr. Saddam Hussein. He was hanged for his crimes against humanity during his iron regime of over two and half decades. He is accused of genocide against kurds and shias. But still, the execution has resulted in widespread protests throughout the world, rightly.

In the present day, civilised world, a death sentence seems barbaric. Are we still in the stone age and iron age when it comes to law??? And more over in the present case of Mr.Saddam, it is well known that the legal proceeding were highly flawed. The juries appointed for this case were never neutral. They were supporters of the Bush Government. Also, the world knows how the US people brutally murdered three of the former counsel associated with this case.

True that Mr.Saddam commited heienous crimes during his regeime. But, what Bush did against him is more cruel and bloody. In the first case, the US violated all UN norms by unilaterally decaring war on Iraq without the approval of the UN. It killed numerous civilians in this war. Many more POW were tortured in the  prisons of Guantanamo Bay. It too had drwawn widespread criticism from across the globe from many human rights activists.

Another important point is that the present US backed iraqi governments leader declared that Mr.Saddam would be hanged before the new year even before the verdict came out. So doesn’t that mean that everything was preplaned and the authorities had just conducted the trials for formalities??? Much needs to be answered as the new year dawns….. Let us hope it turns out to be good for all…..

Is the cold war back?

       Now that most part of the world would have heard the news of the cold-blooded murder of  Alexander Litvinenko, a former lieutenant-colonel with Russia’s FSB Security Services and a strong, long time critic of Vladimir Putin regeime, we have a grave question to be answered…. Is the cold war back? We have reasons to believe so…. We now see Russia and Britain trading charges against each other on one side and the famous scotland yard’s statement that it was definitely a murder on the other side……

With the truth yet to come out, one thing is for sure– the murder had been a well planned one. The use of higly toxic, radioactive and fatal polonium-210 proves that. The people behind this nasty event had wanted that he should be dead at all costs….. But why?

It is generally known that in Putin’s regeime, all those who have opposed him have been silenced soon. And that Alexander Litvinenko was a long time critic is well known. This adds to the suspicions on Russia’s side. And the fact that Litvinenko met two of his former friends from FSB on the day he was poisoned makes it more serious…..Let us wait and see the results to find out the inhuman people behind this unprecedented murder…….

My Tryst with Gtk/Glade

Hello folks, After nearly 2 months I decided to do something using glade, atleast to play aroud with it, and in doing so i did something useful– developed a small simple-very simple- wrapper for wget. To be frank, I am very new to Gtk/Glade. I started learning the basics a couple of months back and left it as such.

So, today, when after some struggles, I created my first proper Gtk/Glade application, I was really happy. I decided to work more on it now. To say more on my application, it is just a very, very small wrapper for wget. Actully it is not even complete.What it does is that, it has a text entry field where we need to give the complete url and press the button provided there.It downloads the corresponding file to the users home directory.

But, I hope that I will continue working on that and develop it into a full fledged wrapper for wget. Another important benefit of this tryst with Gtk/Glade is that I have for the first time understood invoking system calls from C. So

Diwali– Festival of what ?

Had a grand diwal… it was a lot of fun and enjoyment with lots of freinds, neighbours and relatives coming and we going their for sharing sweets and fun…. But as the day progressed, I got one serious doubt….usually, diwali is called a festival of lights…. but does that really hold now? Do we celebrate it like that any more???This year I found Diwali, more noisier than ever before… 🙁
The govt. is repeatedly announcing that crackers producing high noise levels have been banned.. But to the contrary, I find that such crackers are on the rise…. And with so many factors already contributing to the noise levels, should we add more to it ? And then about the smoke and pollution…. I still feel the smell of sulphur and other stuff in my nostrils, a day after diwali …. Even though all forms of media are repeatedly showing the present poor state of the atmosphere and the seriousness of global warming…. people pay no heed to it….. Do we really need such noise and pollution to celebrate diwali….

Hope people realise that each cracker they burst and each firework that they enjoy takes our mother earth one step closer to its destruction, and it may soon go out of our hands to rescue earth…. So freinds, please be reasonable and celebrate diwali happily without destructing our beautiful earth….. Enjoy diwali as a festival of light and not as a festival of sound and pollution…. I am not asking anybody to give up crackers altogher or all of a sudden, but please do so gradually…. and save mother  earth….

BSNL broadband on GNU/Linux

Finally I am browsing with GNU/Linux fro my home. I got a ethernet card and got it configured in linux and now i blog this from my linux destop at home.

Now, broadband from BSNL is working fine and I am having a good time browsing without worrying about possible virus attacks and unwanted pop-ups( I dont know how i dont get any here.Even with mozilla, I used to have a lot of pop-ups in WIN-XP.).

Back after long time

So, i am back to blogging after a long time. End of the semester works finishing up the records, lab exams etc.  kept me away from the blogosphere. That too we had our symposium close to the end of the semester.So concentrated more on that.Now all that’s over.But still i think I cant blog for another week from now as we will be having our model exams from tomorrow 🙁 i really hate these exams  …

Jillunu oru cyber

Atlast cyber ’06 is over. It was a memorable day.. 19/9/2006 will be remembered in the history of the Dept. of CSE of TCE for ever. CYBER ’06 was a runaway success. It had the maximum ever turnout. And we had excelent feedbacks. And what makes it even more great is that, all the arrangements and organising works were done in just a span of one month.

All the contests were conducted in an excellent manner. Mallu did a great job with .NET by creating interfaces for all the prelims. We had unexpected number of participants for all the events. C- Debugging had the maximum registration with 120 participants

All the contest were conducted in a great manner by the co-ordinators.In the morning, KS was over flowing with delegates…. Our cyber had attracted the maximum number of contestants. So we are really proud of this cyber…. As a few of my friends said it was “Jillunu oru cyber”

But, the day before was really tough.I had not got fit after the tiresome work for FStival ’06 and the CYBER ’06 preparation started in full swing. The secon years made a great deal of contribution towards cyber by putting in all their efforts. Hats off to them.
Finally, CYBER ’06 was the culmination of the efforts of the third year students with the help from the second yrs. It had been a great success because of the contribution it had from all the students… hope future CYBERs are still better.