Guwahati, Shillong and Cherrapunji

Hello folks, this is a post long long over-due. A post about a trip that I made in the first week of May. And, the delay is much more manifested when I announce that it was the first ever air trip that I had made 🙂 . In the first week of May, I went on a journey to the gateway of North East India, Guwahati. A rare opportunity that I got since my father is now working there. I visited Guwahati, Shillong and Cherrapunji during that trip.

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Terrorism under the saffron hood

“… Indian constitution allows all its citizen to practise a religion of his/her choice. And if those fools don’t know that, let them read the constitution of their land before reading and mastering their religious scriptures …”

       Hi, this might be the most bitter post that I have ever made till now. For the first time life I felt ashamed of being an Indian/Hindu. To the best of my understanding the Orissa govt. did nothing to prevent the attrocities of the terrorists under the saffron hood. This is not the first time that communal violence has marred the glory of the nation. But this is the frist time, the very basic religious ethics has been violated.

      I have been a devout and strict hindu all my life(which of course is just 21+ years now). And I admit that I don’t know much about christianity. But with my little understanding of the religion, I think nuns are roughly equivalent to the seers or “mahants” of hinduism. I now ask those ba***** raped a nun in Orissa, would they ever tolerate such treatment to their religious heads or sanyasis(I mean the true sanyasis, who still do exist unknown and unobserved by the media) ? This is just terrorism under a safrron hood. 

     No body is a sane state of mind would attack a helpless young woman, and not any woman, but a nun in a church. If these f***ing people claim that they are doing all these to protect Hinduism, they are supposed to wake up from slumber. They are bringing lots of disrepute to a great nation, a nation which in the past has earned the name, “Unity in diversity”. And they are doing a false propaganda of “forced religious conversion”. I wish to question those ignorant fools as to where the hell in their scriptures are they asked to promote violence against people of other faith.

    Just as the terrorists who bomb various places in the country are not people of islam, but people who belong to a religion called “terrorism”, these people are not fit to be hindus, but must be dumped as terrorists. They must understand that just as living in India is a right for them, so it is for those innocent christians. What ever the religion of the person might be, He comes under the law of the land, and the law of this land says that “ALL RELIGIONS ARE EQUAL” and that “NO DISCRIMINATION SHOULD BE MADE BASED ON RELIGION” (Yes, I am indeed shouting).

    I hope that those people come out of their slumber soon and understand the gravity if their own misdeeds. I hope against hope that these people mind their own religion and if they want to spread the message of their religion, let them do it among the people of its own religion, but after they understand what the message really is. 

   Indian constitution allows all its citizen to practise a religion of his/her choice. And if those fools don’t know that, let them read the constitution of their land before reading and mastering their religious scriptures. And above all, a message to people of all religion: There is no purpose/use in merely reading and learning the religious scriptures by heart. It fulfils its prupose only if you start living by them. And to the best of my knowledge, no religion promotes violence and everything calls for peace. Either you fools understand this basic truth or leave the country in the hands of its peace loving people and get the hell out of here.

People must know that this is not a anti-hindu or pro-some religion post. I am as good a hindu as any other in the world. But I know how to respect another’s religion. Atleast thats what i learnt from religious lessons that I had. People must understand that religions are a tool for reaching a higher spiritual state, which of course can be reached even without religion(I don’t know how to). They are definitely not tools to promote violence among people. For athiests who now claim that religions must be abolished, this is my answer: just like a useful tool in the hands of terrorists can become a deadly weapon, religion in the hands of mindless will result in violence. It is those fools who must be punished and not the religion.