Blogging after a long time

        Hello folks, I am blogging after a very long time. Not that I didn’t have time. Infact I had plenty of it. But my own laziness and various other factors kept me from it. The duration has been much eventful to put all that in a single blog post. Most importantly, I have entered the final semester of my B.E. The other important events include myself getting placed in motorola and so on.

Motorola visited our campus on the 18th of October. Though it was in our study holidays and many of us had gone home, we all came back to attend it, and mostly because it was said to be compulsary. For me, it was really exciting as it was my second attempt at a dual placement and my first campus since getting placed in TCS. The Pre-placement talk went well and we had an alumnus heading the team from Motorola.

Then, we had a 30 minute written test which had everything in it from arithmetic to technical, including digital systems. The students were divided into two groups – Computer and Electronics. After the test, the results were announced and I never expected to get thorough as I had not prepared a bit for either the test or the interview.

But things went well and I cleared the written test and was selected for the interview. I had a few hours of a wait at our college guest house, where usually I would be among the volunteers and for the first time was a interviewee there. Then at about 5:30 I was called in and was interviewed for about 50 mins. Almost most of the questions were from what we told and what we had written in the resume. By the Almighty’s grace, I was able to steer the interview well and the interviewer( A lady named Ms. Deepthy of more than 13 yrs experience) made it all the more easier. There were ofcourse a few questions which I couldn’t answer. But otherwise it was quite easy.

Then I was made to fill in the application form(a really lengthy one) and then attended the HR interview which was very simple and comprised of a few questions like self-introduction and etc. Then, an hour later, the results were announced. From our college, 11 students got selected, of which 8 were from ECE, 2 from CSE and 1 from E&I. From CSE, myself and Ashok got selected. It was a really nice and memorable experience for me.